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Judi Bush

The artifacts featured in our display and on the Artifacts in the Arb page are only a small portion of all the artifacts our class found during survey and excavation in the Arb. A spreadsheet documenting all of our finds can be found here. Photographs of a few notable finds that were not included in our display are shown below.

The finds shown below are from the Waterford Mill site.

An intact glass cup found in excavation trench 1, in the trash pit.
These pieces of ceramic were found on the surface of the trash pit, near trench 1. The similarities between the designs on these pieces along with the fact that they were found in the same area suggests that they may have been part of the same item or set of items.
These two glass shards were both found in excavation trench 1, which was in a trash pit. The two pieces fit together, and placing them next to each other reveals the words “BOWKER’S PYROX” written on the glass. These two glass shards most likely formed the bottom of a jar containing insecticide or fungicide used to protect plants.
This is the metal frame of a wooden hame (part of a horse harness), found on the surface of the trash pit.

In addition to our work at Waterford Mill, our class did fieldwalking to survey the site of a farm dump elsewhere in the arb. Below are photos of some of the artifacts found at that site.

A piece of a glass power line insulator manufactured between 1921 and the 1950s
A tube of Ribbon Dental Cream, a toothpaste made by Colgate starting in 1896. Online listings date tubes similar to this one to the 1940s and 1950s.
The other side of the toothpaste tube.

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