Spring 2022 Final Student Projects

In the spring of 2022, students formed five separate groups to investigate different research avenues of the Arboretum. Our class concentrated on the historic Olin Farm site, but every group focused on a different aspect of its history, as well as a different method of data collection. Click each link to learn more!

Group 1: Using Survey and Archival Data to Determine the History of Farm Use

Group 2: Using Excavated Material Remains to Understand the Farm’s Economy, Identity, and Occupation Period

Group 3: Using ArcGIS Online, GPS Mapping, and Statistics to Document the Layout of the Olin Farm Site

Group 4: Using Oral Histories and Archival Data to Understand the Use of the Olin Farm

Group 5: Using Indigenous Knowledge and Archival Data to Understand Precontact Use of the Arb