Early Campus

Created by: Bella Crum, Ellis Kondrashov, Lily Petersen, Suwannee Conroy-Baarsch

Our group researched campus during the time Seccombe House was in use as an academic building, from around 1870-1914. We decided to create a map which explores the majority of buildings on campus at the time, as well as go in depth on a few buildings with interesting and/or relevant history for Seccombe house. We used the archives, and other publicly available information to learn about these buildings.

Old Observatory

Our hope is that by understanding Carleton back then, we can better understand how Seccombe fits into Carleton’s history. For example, understanding that Seccombe was replaced by a brick and stone building is important. It helps paint a picture of Carleton wanting to look like what a college is supposed to look like.

Unfortunately, we did not use any information we learned from our excavation. Because we focused on providing context for Seccombe House, we didn’t have much to learn from our artifacts. But that did not stop us from enjoying our research! We all learned a ton, and found out about buildings that none of us knew existed before we did this project.

Sketch of Skinner Chapel Proposal

Once you’ve taken a look at all of our information, please go take a look at everyone else’s work! We hope everything you learn here will make their pages all the more interesting.


Guided Map

American Hotel and Pancake Hall

Gridley Hall

Skinner Memorial Chapel