Interactive Map

Basic Survey Map

This map contains a basic map of the area surveyed by the class, including locations of trenches, shovel test pits, features, and survey units. To interact with this map, click on the image below. From there, click on any part of the map to learn what it is. To turn layers on and off in the map, click the “layers” button in the top left corner (it looks like a small stack of paper). Check or un-check boxes to reveal or get rid of layers. To view the map with a different background, click the “Basemap Gallery” button in the top left corner (the button with four small boxes). Use the plus and minus buttons, also in the top left corner, to zoom in or out. The home button returns the screen to its original zoomed in position. Feel free to share this map as well using the “Share” button (three arrows), or print using the “Print” button!

Survey Map with Map Notes

The map below contains everything the basic survey map has, but has certain features, trenches, shovel test pits, and survey units marked with identifiers. Each icon identifies a different grouping on the map:

Red flags: Features
Black dots: Trenches
Light blue pins: Shovel test pits with significant findings
Opaque orange survey units: Survey units with significant findings

Click on an icon to read more about that particular part of the map. There are pictures too!

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 15.12.43.png