Olin Farm (Spring 2022)

We will be surveying and excavating historic structures just north of the Olin Farmhouse, purchased by Carleton College in 1914 from the Parr family. At some point in its history, this location was used as a hog farm and poultry house, and was later used as a storage area for Carleton groundskeepers.

This website presents the entirety of the work carried out by our Spring 2022 class at the Arb, including our work on structures near the Olin Farmhouse, the area that used to be a hog and poultry farm, and the area that later became a farm dump and storage area. This work includes a variety of fieldwork (mapping, survey, excavation, curation), our lab activities, the individual experiences discussed by the students in their weekly lab reports, and finally all of the students’ final projects based on everything they learned throughout the term.

Spring 2022 Weekly Field/Lab Summaries

Student Final Projects