Site History

This fall, we will look into early Carleton College campus history and explore the Seccombe House Music Hall. Seccombe House was built in 1866 as a private residence for Rev. Charles Seccombe, who lived their with his family until around 1870. Between 1870-1875, President and Mrs. Strong lived in the home. In 1875, Rev. D.L. Leondar, the author of The History of Carleton College lived in the home, while he taught classes in moral philosophy.

By 1880, the house had been transformed into the Music Hall and was used by Carleton students for music classes until 1916, when Skinner Chapel was completed. During the 1916 summer break, it was moved to 111 Nevada Street, where it served as faculty housing for Professor Stevens. Today, it still serves as faculty housing for Carleton professors.

This term, we plan to locate the original foundations of Seccombe House Music Hall on campus (near Skinner Memorial Chapel) and learn more about early campus life at Carleton.

The Old Music Hall (Seccombe House), viewed from the northwest. Ca. 1900. Courtesy of Northfield- Rice County Digital History Collections and Carleton College Archives.


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