Welcome to the website for ARCN246: Archaeological Methods, a course at Carleton College (Spring 2017) with Alex Knodell. This course is an introduction to archaeological practice and process. Students learn the foundational methods of archaeological research design and fieldwork, including techniques of survey, mapping, documentation, excavation, artifact identification and analysis, and archaeological interpretation. The remit of the course also extends beyond survey tracts and excavation trenches. Students engage with issues of presentation and representation, interact with professional and non-professional audiences, become familiar with political and ethical challenges, and integrate data from other sources into their research (documents, oral histories, museum collections).

In the spring term of 2017 the focus of this course is the site of Pine Hill Village, a settlement constructed on Carleton’s campus (behind the present-day Goodhue Hall). This website contains weekly summaries of our archaeological research and fieldwork activities and will also serve to publish the final projects undertaken by students in the course. This site also contains a record of the work undertaken by ARCN 246 in the spring of 2015 at the site of the Carleton Women’s League Cabin.