Ali Ali

Rice County Historical Society

Tuesday 9th, 2019

We visited the Rice County Historical Society, and it was a great experience learning about the history of Northfield and its geographic changes through different periods. The periods strikes me the most because I was able to see the various tools and weapons used by early humans in different periods and it was interesting to see how tools improved.  It started with humans using stones as tools for weapons and grinding food. Then it advanced to using axes, hammer, and bow & arrows. Weapons of war advanced in destructive capability and became more lethal over the periods.

The PaleoIndian Period 10,000 – 6000 B.C


The tools here are mauls, side-notched knives and grinding stones


Woodland/Mississippian 10,000 BC to 650 AD


The main tools here are knives, ground stone tools, mano & metate and other projectile stones

1650 AD to Present


The tools here are bow & arrows, axes, and hammer looking weapons