Carleton College Musical Outreach (1880-1914 and present)

How did Carleton’s Music Department interact with the Northfield community and beyond when Seccombe was a music hall compared to today?

Archaeology plays an important role in communities, by bringing their histories and cultures to light. In a similar way, Music can bring together people within communities, and across different ones. Thus, my research has focused on the ways that Carleton interacted with both the Northfield community, and with other communities around the world in the time Seccombe House was used as a music hall (1880-1914). How did Northfield community members feel about Carleton’s music department? Where did guests visiting the Music department come from? Where did Carleton students hold concerts?

Follow this link to view the full website and find out: Carleton College Musical Outreach (1880-1914)