Wendy Erickson

Tuesday: April 16, 2019

For this lab we gained some valuable experience in conducting pedestrian surveys. After a brief introduction to some of the tools we were going to use we traveled to our chosen location for field work but were diverted by scheduled burn activity. We settled on the other site for the field work of the day which started with a brief introduction to survey methods. This included figuring out our pace equivalent to 5 and 10 meters (for me this was 6 and 12 steps respectively) and using phone compasses to track direction and distance from other participants.

I worked with the second group which was assigned the woodier section for examination. Marking distance amongst the trees and brush proved difficult so I helped in utilizing a tape measure to spread out the group members at 5-meter intervals. My track of the section was the second inward from the road and it proved to contain some very interesting, and extensive, material remains. These included hundreds of examples of cans, glass, and ceramics as well as some more unique items such as (possibly) a paint tube, a section of tile, a plug, and a beaker stopper with tubes. I bagged and labeled these items for the group collection where they made up a sizable portion of the overall finds.