MJ Fielder-Jellsey


This week, I was a part of the Tuesday lab group due to softball.  This week’s lab was all about the process of field-walking.  We started out in the classroom, learning about the equipment necessary, like compasses, notebooks, and flagging tape.  When we reached the first site we planned on field-walking, we learned that they were controlled-burning there, so we left to find a new location.  After loading back into the vans and driving farther out.  After hiking through some mud and walking for a little while, we decided on a place that provided too different types of field-walking experiences: one was a flat area covered with little trees and thorny plants, and the other was a densely wooded area.  I was in the group surveying the flat area.  The first thing we did was measure how many steps it would take us to cover five meters, then we nominated our anchors with the flagging tape, Aaron and Zobeida.  I measured out five meters from Aaron, Tanya measured out five meters from me, and we continued this method until we were all lined up parallel to each other.  Then, we began walking. We walked through three survey units, and unfortunately found nothing but thorns, a snake, and some animal poop, which does not count as material culture.  While the other group only walked through one survey unit, they found a surplus of material culture from an old farm dump.



Unfortunately, I was unable to attend either lab section this week, but my lab group spent time in the archives, due to inclement weather that prevented them from driving to the Rice County Historical Society in Faribault.