Loren Townsend

Week 3 – April 17, 2019

At the beginning of today’s lab session, Professor Knodell familiarized the group with several pieces of equipment that we would use during our fieldwork session. Examples of some of these items include the item and feature recording sheets, the compass, and flagging tape. Next, we drove to the location to conduct the survey. Everyone first tested to see how many of their steps were equal to ten meters, then we divided into our two teams. By counting out the steps to ten meters we were able to accurately space ourselves My group (team 1) conducted a survey of two sections of the field, each 50m by 50m. Ali had flagging tape, so he marked off the sections for our group. Ali used his iPhone compass and camera to get accurate GPS coordinates of each sector. The rainy weather made it harder than it would have been, but we were able to get through the survey quickly and efficiently. In sector 1 most of what we found was expected trash and waste, but intriguingly Hank and Holland both saw on what appeared to be the foundations of a home or other building. We believe it was a building because of the incredibly high density of concrete and tile/brick building materials. Sector two had a lot less general material, we only had four bags for sector 2 (with five almost full bags for sector one), but Hank stumbled on a large amount of bones in sector 2. The bones were too varied and of different sizes to be from the one animal, but this could be a coyote’s garbage pile. I certainly did not expect to find anything, so it was super interesting to see the ruins of some old building, because it was raining and we had to move on we couldn’t stop to examine the ruins, but it would be interesting to go back and see if we could figure out more about the floor plan and what the building was used for.